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"For some, the Himalaya is a frontier against which to test themselves. Others find refuge and tranquility in the mountains, a place where they can seek their selves, perhaps even God" - Ruskin Bond

Nomad's Cottage, Losar

Just pack your bags and live an experience you'll never forget.

The Nomad’s Cottage in Losar is a 7 bedrooms premium homestay. The Cottage boasts of being the only decent concrete accommodation near to Chandra Tal. Our Cottage is located approximately 140 kms Manali, in Losar at an altitude of 13400 ft


Nomad's Cottage, Chicham

Just pack your bags and live an experience you'll never forget.

The Nomad's Cottage is located approximately 175 kms from Manali, in Chicham at an altitude of 13700 ft in Spiti Valley.The Nomad’s Cottage, Chicham is a 7 bedrooms premium homestay with a Sitting/Living rooms and a well equiped Kitchen.The Cottage boasts of being the only premium concrete accommodation near Kibber Wildlife Sanctuary.

  • Losar is an untouched beauty. The village has very few houses and very kind and understanding people. Our stay at nomads cottage was both comfortable and memorable. We were fortunate to have hospitality of Mr Sahil who was sooo interesting and very generous. i want to thank him and his hardworking team for their efforts in making us feel at home. i want to thank specially the cooks..they were so patient with me and my demanding children! Thank you once again for your hospitality Smita Tripathi, New Delhi, India

  • We stayed there for 2 days which we found to be the best stay on the entire trip. The place is situated at beautiful village Losar and can be called as self content in its self. The cottage is very modern with touch of authentic feeling around, the rooms are cozy and clean, the sitting area is the best place of the cottage. The guyz who take care are very friendly and sweet and gets never tiered with your asks. We felt like our own home by meeting new friends, eating homecooked food and jumping all around the cottage as we wanted. Specially we want to praise Sahil Duggal the owner of that heaven on earth to make the place unforgettable. He has been atmost helpful start from planning this trip to staying in the cottage. These 2 days will be cherished in oour good memories Nidhim, Mumbai, India

  • We reached Losar late afternoon, after a spectacular drive from Kaza. Our mood was bright already, so when we stopped at Nomad's Cottage and was greeted enthusiastically by the hostess, we felt buoyant and happy. Nomad's Cottage reflects the intimate, personal love and care of the Duggals who have set up this very comfortable homestay in the wilderness. They are also helping build a finishing school in the village, so their interest isn't commercial in nature. We were told that Sahil Duggal, the host discovered Losar on a solo biking trip and fell in love ever since. The cottage is tastefully finished, and blends in the traditional Buddhist architecture of the region, with well appointed interiors exuding an earthy, natural ambience. The rooms are clean and welcoming, bathrooms western and like-home (a rarity in the mountains!), but the most cheerful of all is the Tibetan styled living room, where guests and the host gather for an evening chat, drinks, dinner and laughter. If you have a certain kind of taste, you will hit it off. We certainly did. Add to it the hostess's cooking and a bunch of interesting fellow travellers in the cottage-- it was pure bliss. Arindam, Mumbai, India

  • I visited this place in oct 2015 for a cycle expedition organised by sahil n team.. The team put up one of the most memorable journey of our life. All the amenities were taken care by sahil. Food and stay at Nomads cottage was excellent with a scenic beauty and homely atmosphere.A must visit to the place and cottage is recommended by me. Thanks sahil n team for all ur efforts. kudos!!! Malvika, New Delhi, India

  • We crossed the Rohtang La and Kunzum La to reach Losar, a small settlement of about 70 families approximately, beautiful beyond words, and so cold and desolate that you really warm up to the people living there. The Nomads Cottage is a home, not really a hotel in cold Spiti, the real mountains, and not the hills of the Himalayas. You find bonhomie with other people who have made Nomads their temporary home in the warm dining room beside the kitchen. A kitchen with a surprising stock of fresh, contemporary ingredients for a wholesome meal. If it snows, you can curl in the bed with a good book and a hot water bag. Then a visit to see the pristine Chandrataal Lake. Sahil Duggal is passionate about Losar and he will take good care of you. You will not feel cold even if the temperature drops and its snowing outside Swathi, Siliguri, India

  • After a trek from Langza to Hikkim and drive back from Hikkim to Losar in our tour of the Spiti Valley, six of us , tired travelers , landed at Nomads Cottage, at 8 .30 in the night without a booking for that day and we came to know that the entire place was booked.. In spite of that, we were very warmly welcomed by Sahil , the owner of this beautiful place, and he made arrangements for us to stay for the night promising us some good accommodation the next day.. After wining and dining and hearing some great stories of Spiti Valley from Sahil,who has been an ardent traveler himself, we were off for the day.. The next morning , the most beautiful sight awaited us.. We were in the midst of one of the most picturesque places in the Spiti valley.Excellent location, lovely rooms with awesome views, great food, very helpful staff , the warmth of the place endeared us all:-) This is one place to be if one intends to visit the Spiti valley.. I am going to come back for sure :-) Charul, Gurugram, India

  • The Nomad's Cottage, Losar, Spiti Valley is one of hidden gems. Sahil at Nomads manages it real well and the arrangements will not disappoint you. This holiday is one of the life changing experience in peaceful environment and makes you learn to be patience in life. You will appreciate how people are happy / helpful yet so simple and welcoming. Nomads at Losar is beautiful property and fell delighted with all the arrangements, including food. Its situated just 500 mn away from Spiti River. You can spend entire day at the bank of river relaxing / chilling. The property is well maintained. All the rooms are cozy and everything placed at right location. The staff is very helpful and provide all basic foods you required. The world outside is beautiful and you may spend hours looking at the landscape also at night you will experience clean blue sky and milky way, if get lucky. Highly Recommended :-) Girish, India

  • Situated in the middle of no where, Nomad's cottage is a lovely,cosy and comfortable place. It is nested in the midst of mountains. The hosts were warm and welcoming. The night sky was the best part.The place and village around is very peaceful and has its own raw beauty. Highly recommended! Jainy S, Mumbai, India

  • The Nomad's Cottage is perfect for luxurious accommodation that you are looking for after rough travelling in rugged landscape. It is situated 1-2 kms outside of Losar village and well away from main road. It is a beautiful cottage converted from traditional home with typical Spitian-styled windows and white walls. Double occupancy rooms are at upper level, whereas family room is situated at ground level. Rohan, Mumbai, India